Regulations of payment

The Administration provides the following electronic and interactive service abilities for Users:

  • upload of Users’ own files (including images, audio and video files) to the Service and provision of access to the uploaded files for third parties;
  • download of files of other Service Users;
  • use of technical facilities of the Service for shared File Sharing with other Users and third parties;
  • use of the Service for File Storing;

The Service works only as a transport for file sharing and has no legal responsibility for the content of a file. If you have any questions about the content of a file, please contact the file Owner, a User who has placed it in the Service.

A payment for extended options of Service is a payment for extensive Service facilities usage, such as a wider data transfer channel, and cannot be regarded as a file content purchase payment.

To obtain extended services you must select the most suitable method of payment on the special page and then follow the instructions that are given there.

Return policy

For full or partial refund of the payment you need to contact support - Money will automatically return to your card within 2-3 days. The date of return of the funds depends on the time past from the order and the Bank, issued the card (maximum Return period may not exceed 30 days).

Все преимущества файлообменника Up-Get.Com:

  • Обменивайтес файлами без регистрации.
  • Высокая скорость скачивания до 1 Гбит/сек.
  • Загрузка файлов до 200 Мб (без регистрации) и до 100 Гб.(с регистрацией) 
  • Вечное хранение если Ваш файл был скачен не реже одного раза за 30 дней.
  • Объем хранимых файлов неограничен!.
  • Специальный Турбо доступ.

Наши пользователи довольны!

  • Храните у нас Ваши файлы - с нами можно заработать!
  • Удобная партнерская программа для всех и каждого.
  • Зарегистрируйтесь в партнерской программе и начинайте зарабатывать прямо сейчас.
  • Привлекая новых участников вы получайте намного больше.