Partnership with Web Shield Limited

We are pleased to announce the launch of cooperation Turbobit and Web Shield Limited in opposition to illegal content usage. Web Shield Limited is one of the a leader in due diligence and monitoring procedures of acquiring banks, internet payment service providers (IPSP and PF) and affiliate networks.

To attain these goals, Web Shield, provides automated software and special services, which includes CFD Service.

CFD Service, or Compromised File Detection Service, is a refined web crawling service that help Turbobit detects links to illegal and brand damaging content.

More about Web Shield Limited:

  • is engaged in detecting illegal materials, due diligence, risk checks and monitoring of web-sites' content and its 'environment', including screening a client's website for text changes, the IP address for the addition of new URLs and the online reputation of a merchant and his websites.
  • works across all platforms, including mobile applications, taking over a complete new area where no other competitors yet have any solutions in place, ensuring that no brand damaging applications are boarded.
  • customers include merchant acquirers, internet payment service providers and affiliate networks worldwide.

You can get more information about the services and products on the official website of the company:

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